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Ensure returns by matching players with the same-level opponents.

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Efficiently aggregate games and recommend them to users based on preferences and community ratings.

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Support various tokens and fiat currencies ensures accessibility for all.

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Globally matchmake players, make new friends through friendly gaming competition.

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Don't Miss POINTs

Obtain POINTs for FREE by completing community tasks or winning in a point match. 

Points holders will receive MiniTon token airdrop and other rewards.

Fair Chance To Win

3-Step to Win Prize

Step 1

Choose Game & Match

Step 2

Pay Entry Fee

Step 3

Defeat Opponents in Game


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Meeting All Accessible Needs

Flexible Entry Options

Free Entry: Complete tasks to earn POINTs, and use POINTs to enter competitions.

Easy Payment: Supports payment with credit/debit cards, PayPal, Stripe, and Telegram wallet.

Accessible to All: Available to gamers aged 18 and above, covering 80% of regions worldwide and accessible to all crypto users globally.

Diverse Tournaments

Accessibility Types

Player Match Configurations: Head-to-Head (1v1), Multiple Player (1vN), Bracket (Group v.s. Group).

Tournaments as a Service

Private Tournaments

Empower every player to organize/host a esports tournaments, defining rules, prizes, and commissions. 

Invitation-only participation ensures exclusivity, while organizers and investors share tournament earnings. 

Players enjoy the prospect of higher cash rewards than other tournaments.

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Interest-Matched Chatting

Hang Together in Groups

Online Party

Live Battle