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For Publishing Games On Telegram & TON

Integrate SDK, Quick to Publish

Seamless integration with just 1 developer in 2-5 days.

Only requires a game with core gameplay—no need for blockchain integration or additional features.

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MiniTon SDK

Why Publish Mini-games on Telegram

900,000,000 Users

Telegram has 800 million montly active users.

Powerful API

Telegram provides mature and rich APIs support for various game features.

Reduce 50% Cost

Developing mini-games costs 50% less than mobile games.

Why Build Mini-games on TON

Seamless Payment

Telegram Wallet offers the most convenient payment solution in the crypto space, similar to PayPal and WeChat Pay.

Easiest Login

No need to install a wallet app. TON Connect2.0 enable login directly with Telegram.

Fastest Performance

TON holds the world record for the fastest blockchain performance: 104,715 transactions per second.

MiniTon is the Best Entry to Access Telegram & TON

Minimal Costs

Experience Telegram's traffic and TON's capabilities with just an alpha version.

Instant Revenue 

Leverage Tournaments as a Service (TaaS) to monetize your game through esports competitions.

Hosted Promotion

Leave MiniTon to handle all your market promotion and community management post-launch.

Unlocking Benefits: Beyond Telegram & TON's Gateway with MiniTon

Turn Your Craft into Currency

All-in-one Gaming Platform

Telegram Entertainment Hub

Happy Play, Win Real Prize

Minimized Profit Generation Cycle

Enable developers to gain profit from tournaments JUST with an MVP version.

New Monetization Model

Introduce an effective esports-based monetization strategy.

Token Usage Scenarios

Provide high-frequency token consumption scenarios for in-game tokens.

Viral Business Growth

Stimulate game growth through MiniTon recommendation system, referral incentives, and Private Tournaments.

Monetize Your Games on the MiniTon Platform

MiniTon SDK

Enable eSports capabilities to monetize through eSports.

Developer Console

Fueling Your Revenue Potential

Earn-from-Tournaments, a innovative monetization model, is 4x more effective than the traditional business model (IAA & IAP). 

Maximizing Virality Growth

Community votes decide game initial traffic.

MiniTon Gaming Platform and community users kickstart game promotion as initial advocates.

MiniTon will reward users for all their sharing activities to boost visibility. 

Private Tournaments accelerate social virality, sparking growth.

MiniTon's Strategic Traffic Partnerships


Influencers covering SEA, India, Japan, North America, Latin America, and EMEA


Telegram and Discord Groups


Gaming Guilds


What is MiniTon?

How do developers earn on MiniTon?

How does payment work on MiniTon?

What types of games are recommended for integration?

Which game categories are not accepted for cooperation?

What are the basic requirements for games on MiniTon?

What are the gameplay requirements for MiniTon integration?

What are the technical integration requirements for MiniTon?

In which regions does MiniTon's business have restrictions?

Electronic sports competitions based on skill and awarding Cash( or Token) prizes are subject to different regulations in various countries and regions. Based on advice from international legal experts, MiniTon's business will restrict the use of cash participation for gamers in the following regions:

In other regions, electronic sports competitions based on skill and awarding cash(or token) prizes can be publicly promoted and integrated with local payment channels within the limits allowed by local laws.

What is MiniTon review progress after receiving an application?

Once applying, our team will review your application using the following criteria:

Is your game a gambling game or a skill-based game?

MiniTon only works with skill-based games. Gambling games are NOT acceptable.

Please check if all answers are 'Yes' to determine if your game is skill-based.