Entertain the Telegram

MiniTon, a social eSport platform, is the first wave of Telegram Web3 Grant recipients.


Play. Bet. Compete. EARN Prize.

Popular skill-based classic games.

Each game round is an on-chain, fun, and fair mini-eSport competition.

Skill to bet, win REAL PRIZE.


Everyone can eSport.

For Developers: Empower all games with eSports capabilities to monetize through eSports.

For Gamers: Empower individual players to host or invest in tournaments.


Empower Player as Owner.

Traffic allocation and entry-token currency are determined by decentralized community voting.

All community expansion efforts will be rewarded with token incentives.

Products We are Building

Competitive Games 

MiniTon SDK

Developer Console


Launch MVP version

Launch referral system and Super Tournament. 

Complete fundraising.

Launch private tournaments. 

Support more types of betting and prizes. 

Token listing.

1st round of Airdrop.

Launch Viral Growth Protocol. 

Launch Gaming AI-Buddy.

Launch Social Entertainment Bot. 

2nd round of Airdrop.

Launch Game Token Swap & Launchpad. 

Support MMO Games.

Final round of Airdrop.

Launch on-chain random.

Launch Live Streaming System.

Expand content category, cover video, article, live-streaming.

Launch universal betting.

Upgrade MiniTon SDK to a Crypto Competition Protocol.

Publish iOS & Android version.

Transit from treasury management to DAO governance. 

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